Can’t Find the Words

I Can’t Find the Words

There’s no one here.  Sitting with legs crossed; waiting for his voice.

I shouldn’t do it this time of night, but I’ve got no choice.

The back of my neck burns with acid as I sit up this way.

I was going to write a poem, but now the words won’t stay.


I try to write happy thoughts and valentines;

The stuff on those hallmark cards that say you’re mine.

My voice won’t carry the notes in songs you sing

I try out the notes, but I can only scream.


I want to write that song that lingers inside

The hearts of everyone; their souls and their minds.

You hear, you stop, dazed, thinking you wrote it

In your younger days; memories become songs.


To write a poem that will bring you here tonight,

I’ll need the words to make it sound right.

Format isn’t proper, letters don’t work out.

Poems can’t show what’s inside, meaning’s throughout.

Originally composed on 20 June 2005

Revised: 01 May 2008

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