Thinking from a Distance

A couple of weeks ago, my phone was dying.  Instead of stressing about finding a charger, I got home from a long day out of town, texted my boyfriend and sister to let them know I was going to be taking a nap, and then let it die.  It was dead for less than 24 hours.  I didn’t think it was a big deal.  In fact, I was actually kind of proud of myself for creating a space where I was totally free — to sleep.  No one to answer to, no responsibility…no place to be…I could just check out for a while and lie there.

So I did.

I slept the rest of the day away and knew I didn’t have work tomorrow.  When I awoke in the night when my boyfriend got home, I embraced him and we drifted off together.

In the morning, I decided to stop by work anyway; afterall, it was only a couple of blocks from where I had been staying, and anyways it was payday.  I could pick up my check and say hi to everyone.  I might even eat there.  Yeah, I’ll stop by.

My charger was across town at my place, so I just packed my things and walked on over, planning to take the bus home after.

I walked in to find my boss’ husband on the phone in front of the register.  He didn’t greet me.  He seemed to be in deep conversation in his native language – Hindi.  I put my things on the chair and ran upstairs to surprise my boss, who was really more like my cousin or close friend than anything else.  She was standing at the sink with her back turned to me, washing the dishes.  I greeted her cheerfully and she spun around.

The look in her eyes

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