Keeping Chico Clean – GoFundMe Campaign

Anyone who has ever travelled to work, school, park, or store on foot or bike, has likely been awakened to the current realities of litter and other rubbish disgracing the sides of our paths and walkways.

The $100 requested in this campaign will go to purchasing a 32-Gallon Brute Trash Can ($35) and a compatible Trash Can Dolly ($45) from Collier’s Hardware in Downtown Chico.  The remaining $20 of the hundred will pay for a long-handled Litter-Picker.  I plan to cover the taxes on these items myself. 🙂

Every Tuesday and Sunday, I plan to take these items for a long, leisurely walk within our community, greeting our neighbors and listening to music and/or singing with talented acoustic accompanists while I collect recyclyables and trash from our travel-ways.

My ultimate goal at this time is to reach the bikepath which runs alongside the railroad tracks behind the campus area.  If you have ever walked on it, you’ve seen that it’s absurdedly trashed.

My hope is that community-accountability projects like this one will gather interest from other caring individuals and encourage them to take steps on their OWN creative projects, increasing the likelihood of folks to take incentive toward making our homes safer and better.

I also want to see if we can’t get the Butte Rose Society or perhaps the Native Plant Society to perhaps spread their colorful, bee-friendly flora along these pathways, once I’ve cleaned them.  🙂  But that’s a WHOLE ‘nuther thinkin’.. 😉

In any case, I work a minimum-wage job right now at a local North Indian Food Restaurant (which is fantastic-!) 😀 so I can’t afford to buy this trash can and such on my own on top of all my personal bills.

If it’s not too much of a burden on you, I wondered if I could ask maybe $3-5 from you today so I can go out and pick up the stuff from Collier’s before the rainy season REALLY starts. 🙂

I COULD purchase comparable items online for lesser prices, but then the taxes and income wouldn’t be invested back into our local community; and that is important to me. 🙂

Also, if you don’t have any money to contribute, I completely understand that and welcome any encouraging comments or sharing! 😀  I have never created a Crowd-Funding Campaign before, but I think it could be inspiring and successful!

And feel free to come out with me and clean up our community!  I’d be HONORED with your company! 😀

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