The Faster I Write

The Faster I Write

Based on/Inspired by: Writers Inc – Page 8

“The faster I write, the better my output.  If I’m going slow, I’m in trouble.  It means I’m pushing the words, instead of being pulled by them.” – Raymond Chandler

I can really connect with this quote.  When I just type what I’m thinking, it’s straight from my mind to my fingers.  It always seems to be my best writing.  It means I’m inspired and it’s original.  If I seem stumped and can’t think of anything to write, it must be a poor topic or I don’t know enough about it to write anything, so I shouldn’t be writing.

I think it means that if you’re meant to be a natural writer, the words will write themselves if you let them flow.  If you try to think too much about something, or about how to make it sound good, you will either write something terrible or nothing at all.

So, after my own experience with the material referred to in the quote, I definitely agree with what Chandler states.  Even my senior project mentor, Susan Wooldridge, testified that she wrote the same way.  She told me that she sometimes closes her eyes and just types.  Well, I don’t close my eyes, but I do tune out all the stereotypes and limitations of my classification.  I turn off any expectations I may have and any negative ideas of myself as a writer.  Then I write.

13 September 2007

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