Habitual Fixation – Day 035

05 March 2011:

Last night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  I went to my 300-level anthropology class, “Nature, Culture, and the Environment” and ended up lagging behind.  To talk to my professor?  To listen to him?  To try to get myself into trouble?  No idea.  (-.-)  But in any case, I waited behind and then he struck up a conversation, as OF course, he had to..  I ended up stammering around for words like an idiot and making a total moron of myself in terms of trying to relate to him.

However, he DID give me some really solid advice and encouragement to keep moving forward.  He didn’t even mention the paper I never turned in. =D  I do still plan on turning that in at some point, tho..

ANYWAY, he said to pick one thing — just ONE thing — and stick with it for a while.  I was thinking about picking the education system in our country.  Yes, yes…I know it’s a HUGE issue, but I was really just thinking of going after the backbone – the spine of the issue, if you will. =P  I’ll get back to this at some point when I outline my suggestion. ^_^

I’ve gotta ride to the Farmers’ Market now to pay a lady there some money I owe her for giving me some Naan last week for a dollar off cuz I didn’t have enough cash on me. =P What a nice lady. ^_^  She’s smart cuz she knows I’ll come back. :3

Already this morning, I have woken up at a MORE than decent hour, cooked myself a delicious make-shift breakfast consisting of boiled rice, peas, corn, some spicy fried tofu, and chopped red-peppers, and boiled potatoes. =]  Needless to say, it was delectable. =P

While doing that, I threw in a load of laundry, washed a bunch of dishes I had wracked up, and then cleaned my room.  I managed to clean the stove and fold all the laundry as well, which makes me really happy. =) I also made my bed. ^_^  It’s not even noon yet and I’m on a roll.  I feel like I have the entire day ahead of me. =]  I will explain more about the absurdity of feeling sorry for myself last night and where my sister comes into play with that when I get a chance to get back online later.

Oh – also, I deactivated my facebook on Thursday night.  Best decision I’ve made in a while. =)  Halleluyur! I’m on the road to recovery! ;D

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