Menstrual Cuppage

23 years of life.
10 years of internal, [menstrual] bleeding.

Quit Using Cotton Products to Collect Menstrual Bleeding: 09 August 2013

All this time, I was taught and told that white cotton “pads” were the way to go for clean, healthy periods. Finding the ideal “pad” was a moment of victory in my early teen life and I stuck with it. For the next ten years, “Always Super Maxi Pads with Wings” (unscented, of course..I didn’t really need a flowery vagina..) in the square packages were the product I trusted whenever my innards began leaking outwardly again. Almost all of the time, I even made sure I got myself a “good deal” with the “Double-Combo Pack” at Costco Wholesale. Not only was I totally buying into the massive craze of disposable, single-use hygiene products for a process as natural and healthy as my monthly menstrual cycle for an entire decade, but I was buying it in bulk for low prices!

I couldn’t have had anything better as long as I had those little yellow pads with me.. Anything other than an “Always” wings pad was something to be discontented with. The other pads could be sticky on the wrong side, not sticky enough on the back side, bunch up in awkward places, make your pants bulge, and leak whenever they wanted. Additionally, they could quickly become very smelly and I wasn’t in to that kind of unpleasant product.

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