“What About MY Rights?”

“But what about MY right?  What about MY right to breathe clean, unpolluted air?  What about MY right to be present in the park without the risk of being subjected to the harmful health consequences of second-hand smoke?”

Point well made, Mayor.  Point well taken.  I agree with the speaker who referenced the dangerous connections made between government tyranny and the prohibition of personal rights.  Do you have a right to choose whether or not to ingest nicotine in any form?  Yes, it would seem that we do share this right.  Allow me to be even more clear about this and to break it down still further.  We, as individual human beings, have the choice to ingest nicotine, specifically through the medium of tobacco.  We have this choice even tho science has found the action to be detrimental to the health of our bodies.  It should follow then, from this simple statement, that we must then have the choice to NOT ingest nicotine, through tobacco.  This would seem right, wouldn’t it?  If it is true that one might have the right to choose TO do something, that requires that the person also had as equal a chance of choosing to NOT do something.  Isn’t that right?

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