Poetry: Find Me, Release Me; Keep Me Deep Outstanding


What is it that makes me so certain that I am so momentous?
Well yes, I am outstanding – although yes, I am defective.

I will not apply this grown-up standard here to each and every one,
But there’s something backward holding here I refuse to linger on.

Now just when did this path see clear? to become a bright and sunny day?
It seems a horrid crime not to jump off – soar – when it’s so clear the only way.

Are there no cars or tunnels to take us where we’re meant to be?
I guess the only ship we ever really needed we were born into, you see.

There seem so many choices for how we’re to survive and thrive.
But we then end up building castles, when we really need to fly.

It’s simple really…and I wonder why I didn’t see it there before..
These paths we’re meant for in every way, they really are that sure..

We’re spun round the stick of material distraction our whole school through.
It’s been makin us so dizzy, we think it’s fair because you’re unstable too.

I wandered, but I waited – and here I am; on this street once more.
It’s dazzling and nearly blinds me; yet I’m about to set the score.

This is my path and I’m gonna shake you all along the undestined journey.
Get back to the trail; stop losing your balance; don’t lean upon the gurney.

All around people keep spinning and know not day from day –
Walk upright and make your way right through this sickening display!

Do you feel self-conscious? Now you’re planning your success??
Go on!  How does it feel knowing you truly are the best??

You were meant to drift just slightly, but never quite so far..
You just kept on going, windows up, pending AC in your car!

Can you hear the stillness? peaceful?  Wind whipping through your hair?
C’mon, take a look — It ain’t what you thought; and yet it’s every where.

Shocked in two, for it was here always, it’s that warmness in the air.
You relaxed to bring your balance back and ya found you truly care.

Restored — no blurring; snapshots UNcapturing a world ev-er so act-u-al.
Feels facts we learned from drawing lines therefore ain’t wholly factual.

Believe to walk no longer for fear, my brother!  It’s that hate that’s brought you down!
Take it now, and take it fast!  New friends are joyous, screaming, SINGING to the sound!

Now is the time, now is the place!  It’s that one non-destined hour.
You got the chance –> you’ve got the WILL to live in life; success is power.

No intimidations here; there’s no room left for you if you dither and doubt.
You are on the right track now, I’m sure, so don’t you stumble out!

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