I Can’t Afford It

Hi, everyone. My name is Mercedes and I live in Chico, CA. 🙂 Let me tell you a little bit about me/personal choices.

I chose to sell my car to buy my bicycle.
I chose to ride a bicycle because it is better for me. 🙂

Choosing to ride a bicycle every day has both increased and then helped to regulate my physical fitness level.

Choosing to ride a bicycle has provided a healthy increase in my body’s blood-flow, a noticeable increase in my ability to metabolize nutrients, has increased my muscle mass and helped to burn unwanted fat, and has given me better endurance.

Choosing to ride a bicycle allows you a life free from the confines of a gym membership. Realizing that the WORLD can be your gym, your pool, your obstacle course, your sports arena, your playground increases and redefines your sense of unity within the world. 🙂

Choosing to ride a bicycle increases the potential for healthy moments of necessary self-reflection on the day’s activities. This brings a such needed element of meditation within my busy world. Choosing to ride a bicycle helps me focus on what is really important in life.

Choosing to ride a bicycle reduces the desire to self-medicate with drugs, sex, or alcohol or to seek a certified professional to listen to my problems because I cannot properly express my frustrations and stress in life.

Choosing to ride a bicycle helps me connect with my community, and slows down the busy lifestyle of rushing from place to place without the time to refocus and calm-down.

The truth is, I cannot afford to burn fossil fuel; none of us can. I cannot afford the destruction of our planet and the reduction of our global eco-diversity. I can’t afford the increase of green-house gases that are reducing the effectiveness of our ozone layer. I cannot afford even a 1 degree increase in average global temperatures. I cannot afford the erosion, clear-cutting, and mining of our finite resources. I cannot afford

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