It’s Not Me, It’s You :)

You can really only be vulnerable for so long before you wind up feeling over-exposed and rather ridiculous.  I mean, how long is too long to be open emotionally to the idea of someone else’s coupling?

Over the past week alone, I was “asked out” for propositions of romantic outings by 8 different people. All of these people were men, varying in ages from 22 to what I will estimate at 54ish. 3 of these were people I have known and been relatively good friends with for the past couple of years and the other 5 were complete strangers. Of the 5 strangers, 3 of the inquiries occurred at my workplace, from the other side of the counter while I was dressed in a cap, dirty apron, crocs, and a button-up collared uniform. The other two took place at random points around Downtown while I walked in between home and work in the middle of the day and again in the later part of the evening.

Now, I must confess here that I am someone quite open and approachable, and I tend toward attracting the romantic affections of other people quite often. To put it plainly, I am positive, kind-hearted, and friendly — and this is, as far as I have come to understand from the steady input of friends-well-meaning, apparently some sort of miraculous rarity in modern American society. While I personally disagree with this assessment, which dismisses all the wonderful human beings I myself choose to repeatedly interact with, I understand that, in a world parched of the divine waters of ever flowing-goodness and loveliness, the slightest drip of liquid from any storm-gutter could have folks lined up with their cracking tongues outstretched for any kind of soothing moisture.

– Sunday, 16 November 2014

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