If I Were…

If I Were


If I were a car, I would be a smooth ride that can bring the speed.  Appearing graceful like a Firebird with the reliability of a Toyota, I will keep you safe and grounded while creating the illusion of flight.  Your stomach isn’t quite sure how to feel.


If I were a geometric shape, I’d be a perfect circle; never ending, extremely difficult to form without unnatural instruments.  It is rare to find a one who can make me with a mere hand and pencil, but they do exist.


If I were a piece of furniture, I would be a nightstand.  Perhaps the most useful piece in the house, I often go unnoticed.  I am abused stains and marks to prove it, but I hold out.  You can place your burdens on me and sleep peacefully; in the morning I’m still beside you.


If I were an appliance, I would be a microwave.  No one is quite sure how I work, but I never fail.  You cannot stick metals into me, as they are too lifeless; too dull for me to touch.  I will heat up your life, but use caution; I seem simple, but don’t underestimate me.


If I were a type of building, I’d be a steady, secure tree-house, sheltering you from the rain and keeping the harsh winds out.  I may creak at times, but never fear – I am here, there’s no one who dares harm you in this haven; we are part of nature.


If I were a town or city, I’d be a mountain town, with lots of trees and natural life so you can breathe easy.  I am somewhat hidden, but if you follow the lonely road, you can always find me.  Nature can exist here.  Mountains protect from harsh weather.


If I were an article of clothing, I think I’d be a skirt.  Flowing with elegance, I twirl in the wind, reminding you of a blossoming flower.  Long and thick enough to keep you warm yet short enough to keep interest, I could never trip you up because I love how I feel when you dance with me.


If I were a movie, I’d be “The Labyrinth,” starring David Bowie.  I am a beautiful and enchanting thing, but it’s too easy to get lost within me.  My music enthralls, I shock and awe you, leaving you gaping in speechless wonder until, three days later, you wake up.


If I were a television character, I would be “Arnold” from “Hey! Arnold.”  Always giving advice and sometimes being ridiculed for it, I try to live the best I can.  My head may not be the same shape as everyone else’s, but it’s filled with wisdom beyond my years.


If I were a cartoon, I’d be Disney’s Pocahontas.  Withstanding the harsh winds of ignorant prejudice, I fight for what my heart tells me is right – that beautiful song of harmony and love that whispers from the wind’s lips.  I am not afraid to break set.


If I were a song, I’d be “At the Beginning” by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis.  I tell of a difficult journey made painless when shared with another and mixed with love.  Life is a journey, and you are always at the beginning if you have the will to never look back.


If I were a color, I would be grey.  The perfect balance between black and white, I am the grey area.  Some say I don’t exist, but here I am.  I am a calm place, once you’ve been here a while.  I am bound to give you peace, if you’ll just let go.


If I were an animal, I’d be a wolf.  Patient, understanding, and misunderstood, I observe chaos from a distance, intervening only when the need seizes me.  Grey wolf, the perfect balance between destruction and contentment.


If I were a fragrance, I would be the scent of a fresh rose.  Freshly severed and pulled from my home, I bring grace to any room while I slowly wither.  I need stability, but I’m torn from my roots.  I have many meaningful hues, whichever suits your need.


If I were a food, a potato I’d be.  I can be prepared a multitude of ways; swallowed whole or sliced into thin strips; chopped up much smaller or mashed – everyone likes me when I’m made the right way.  I must always be cooked before eating though, otherwise the toxic acid that dwells within will not hesitate to dissolve throats.


If I were a day of the week, I would be the day looked forward to.  I change from person to person, but I always remain the same.  I can bring rain or shine, whichever I prefer.  I love to make you laugh as much as I love giving you time to rest and work.


If I were a season of the year, I would be the gentle transition between summer and fall where the warm sun hugs your skin and the wind blows by to greet you.  I make it comfortable to explore the day and the night as if there were no difference.


If I were a type of weather, I would be the wind.  Ranging from mild to extreme, I can help or hurt, yet I help more often.  I am sometimes taken for granted, but I can be a beautiful thing for those who wait.  I will affect your chances of success in many things, and I determine how long it will take for you to complete your journey.


If I were a natural phenomenon, I would be a sudden onslaught of rain, drenching everything I direct my fury at and reviving the humanity of those not in the immediate vicinity.  Sometimes lacking reason, I am a spontaneous and an untamed thing.


If I were a musical instrument, a flute I’d be.  I can be given life with a single breath, even a sigh.  I come natural to you because I am just like breathing; I act without thinking.  Hold the right buttons and you can make beautiful music – strike the wrong chord and I will scream.

23 October 2007

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