I Can’t Find the Words

I Can’t Find the Words


There’s no one here, I sit, legs crossed, waiting for the phone.
My neck hurts as I try to sit up straight in the chair…
I’m trying to write a poem, but the words aren’t there…
The only word I can think of that rhymes is what I am…alone…


I try to write of happy things and butterflies
And poppy seeds that get you high
But I can’t chant the blissful song you want me to sing
I want to find the words, but I can only scream

I want to write a song that can be sung in every heart…
In every soul and every mind…
I want it to be meaningful, for you to hear it and say
“Yes, yes, that’s just what I wanted to articulate!”


I want to write a poem that can bring you here at night
But I can’t find the words to make it right
The format isn’t even right, the letters haven’t worked out
This poem won’t reach anyone…no one knows what it’s about!

June 20, 2005

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