Nights Like This

My heart begins
on nights like this.

My soul extends
on nights like this.

My breath leaks in
on nights like this.

As time goes on,
I feel my heart is aching.

One month gone;
my spirit’s always breaking.

What is said alive
if it too is not shaking.

Thoughts pass on
the minutes feel like hours

Days drag out;
Groggy standing showers.

What once was mine
Suddenly is ours.

The burdens that felt
so heavy on my shoulder

Are weightless now
floating lightly round their holder.

Burning in the sun
there is comfort coming, colder.


– 19 August 2010

1 Response to Nights Like This

  1. So light, and feathery… but it also brands me with a hot iron, then instantly follows up with an ice pack… It’s peace and serenity and transcendence and heart break, waiting and loneliness, it’s perfectly worded. I love your style; it’s vague enough that though we may not know exactly what you’re talking about, the reader can interpret it into whatever they like, and thus relate to it. I think that’s one of the best things about poetry… presenting something that can make someone FEEL a certain way, or anything at all. It’s beautiful, it’s a super power; and you have it 🙂


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