Grasping Leads to Release

Handed an opportunity

Don’t stop and stare

At your overflowing palms

Or start to walk blindly.

Run!  Grasp your fingers tightly

Into your passion and begin

To run as fast and as gracefully

As you can without

Dropping the extreme delicacy

That will surely die

If you don’t deliver.

You will let yourself

Down, down, keep on falling

Keep on going, don’t drop another

If you do, you’ll never be able to

Go back and get it

Once it’s gone, it’s gone

They never stay long, or perhaps

Become so usual you neglect

To appreciate their worth.

Fight for it, never stop running

Reach the point and relay

The message so we can all

Finish the pursuit

Of the one thing we always wanted

We chase happiness with the

Glass in our hands, never ceasing,

Never believing, for one second

That it is even possible not to succeed.

So look down, hold on and

Run as fast as you can, no turning back.

Life is a relay.  Grasping leads to release.


22 April 2008

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