Please – Just Stop

22 May 2011

Please…for the sake of all humanity…do not attempt to be thoughtless or emotional around me for absolutely no apparent reason other than your own distorted rituals or perpetual thoughlessness.

Yes – I used language a lot; I am not going to sit here while good people are being disabused and lied to.

WISE UP, people. Freakin take control and decide for your freaking SELVES. I simply will not tolerate this. We are all over 20 years old — at LEAST.

Stop accepting the fuck-ups. Own the NOW.

CHANGE the way you THINK. Re-route your synaptic pathways. JUST FUCKING THINK, I SWEAR to skfklfjoiefjjeiofjeofeoifjeofjofijod

Okay, I really need to write tonight; there is too much chaos going on around me to even attempt to think straight; all this fucking bullshit is fucking me the fUcK up.


Yes – I have survived all right. Thank the cosmos I was able to spend time in the enlightened presence of two wonderful children immediately after this incident and post. Their beauty, love, and light shown on me and reminded me that there IS hope out there for this pitiful race out there we deem “humanity.”

Thank the lark that these two incredibly pure-spirited people were able to bring me out of the dramatic and clandestined stupor of indignant rage brought on by the wrecklessness of subconscious humanity. OMFG I simply cannot take it…and need to spend some time to write tonight.

Thanks for listening ~ this reality check brought to you by: the inextricably destiny-bound. 😉

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