I am single.

I want to stand and shout and sing it from the hilltops.
But that would be insensitive.

I want to express myself through music and dancing.
But that could be intensive.

I want to be well-known and respected.
I want to be held high for my experience and wisdom.
But that might be expensive.

I want to hold you and kiss you and know you without labels.
I don’t want anyone to judge me.
You can’t judge me.

I don’t lie to you.
I’ll tell you everything you want to know
I just want to live my life.

I’m single.

I thought about you and then I saw you..again.
I ran into you…time and time again.

I manifested.
I found you.
We connected.

I am single.

I can’t stand labels.
Let’s hang out but not date each other.

I love myself.
I love my life.
I love you and that’s what counts.
I love my tea; I love my coffee.
I love ballroom and I love karaoke.

I like clothes and thrift stores.
I like flannel and stockings.
I like nakedness and hiking.

I like to run and I like climbing.
I like to blast and smile and
I like laughing.

I like speaking and sometimes rhyming.
I like living without worry of inevitable dying.

I am a single.

Who are you?

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