Habitual Fixation – Day 630

17 October 2012

Food Inc.  Wow.  I thought about watching it 4 days ago when I was at Anna’s.  I decided to sleep instead.  I clicked on it yesterday when I restarted my Netflix account.  I told my sister, whom I was on the phone with, that I had to go because I was going to watch a documentary.  “Which one?” she asked, “It’s called ‘Food Inc.’ I told her.  “Haven’t you already watched that?”  ” No, but I’ve tried to.”  “Really?  I could have sworn you’ve watched that before…but okay, well enjoy yourself.. Love you.  Bye.”  “I guess it hasn’t stuck yet.”

How right she was.  How wrong I was.  Not only had I seen it, but I am absorbed and CONSUMED all the information provided to me within that documentary that since first viewing that movie less than 2 years ago, I have completely altered my lifestyle and the way I go about purchasing my food.  Although I may not have realized it, the content in that movie transformed my life.

I started this journey almost two years ago and have switched to shopping absolutely nowhere but local and Costco.  Even Costco,  is on its way out eventually, I think.  I love it so much…but maybe I don’t really need it.  Clothing?  That will be the greatest challenge for me.  Finding good, high quality clothing that fits me has always been a challenge.  Right now, I shop at Costco for just about everything I wear.  Should I revert to shopping only at thrift stores?

Hmm…not a bad idea.  And cheaper.

Off to Teaz Me.

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