Habitual Fixation – Day 010

10 February 10 2011:

Well today has been very wonderful so far. =) I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked, but I used the time for website editing and listening to some good music; facebook chatting with a handful of friends and editing a conceptual photo I scanned for the site.. =) I would call this a productive night.

This morning I welcomed the day with a brekkie of Chobani’s Greek Blueberry Yogurt I purchased in a variety pack from Costco. They are pretty strong tasting and definitely an acquired taste if you’re used to the Yoplait’s or Dannon’s of the high-fructose corn syrup world, but I’d say they are well worth it and taste great. =D

I know what you’re thinking..wait, this chick only had a yogurt for breakfast?? Wtf??! Haha…no. =) I also had half a Parmesan cheese bagel from Costco’s bakery that was toasted and smeared with cream cheese, also from a ginormous Costco tub. O_O Wow…so many of my foods come from Costco…should I be embarrassed? Hmm. What are your thoughts on this?

I also shop at the Farmers’ Market for veggies and what-not, so I guess I don’t feel too bad knowing that the only retail place I shop is Costco at this point. =\ What are your thoughts about Costco?

An ideal addition to every morning or night is the “Celestial Seasonings” tea brand. I really don’t care for their Black Cherry flavor tho.. I’m not sure I’m a fan of fruit flavored teas in general, actually. I do find myself partial to lemon with black tea at times…hmm. Citrus?


On the other spectrum, I used that food energy to ride my bike to the student health center where I had made an appointment online to see a doctor about getting some Plan-B Emergency Contraceptive. Can you believe that?? Thru my portal account with CSU Chico, I am able to schedule and cancel appointments with the student health center. That’s pretty freaking amazing. =D

So yea, again I know what you must be thinking, society: –> “Emergency Contraception? Dude..what a slut.” And it’s not your fault you think that.. =\ Too bad I really don’t care enough to explain myself at this point, but I WILL say that Trojan condoms seriously suck balls.

But ANYway———> XP After enrolling with Family Pact into the Chico State computer system, the young lady at the input station told me about this new birth control option called Inplanon®.

This new method has been in place for a few years here in the USA and longer in the UK, to my understanding.

I want to write more about this, but I am suddenly quite hungry and desiring the other half of that bagel! =D

Homeward bound! =D

To be continued……

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