Looks Like (poemcrazy)

Looks Like

Based on: poemcrazy, by Author Susan G. Wooldridge – Chapter 8


I see a multicolor lampshade.

It looks like a flamenco dancer’s skirt.


I see a tousled carpet rug.

It looks like a blue desert with rolling sand dunes.


I see the roll-on white-out canister.

It looks like a stretched out snail.


I see the ceiling light.

It looks like a clear bowl for catching sky droppings.


I see the light coverings hanging upside down on the ceiling.

They look like crystal balls that see all.


I see the turban that the Aladdin narrator wears.

It looks like a hornet’s nest.


I see the capital letter H.

It looks like one of the rungs on a ladder.


I see the cinnamon rolls that my sister just baked.

They look like the little buns on a longhaired woman’s head; perched at the top of her head like an obedient child.


I see the upright file organizer.

It looks like a decorative pavilion hiding tons of secrets.


I see the microphone for our karaoke machine.

It looks like a stylish black ice cream cone.


I see the fiber optics display we have on our fireplace.

It looks like a fireworks display in the night sky, yet silent and waiting.


I see the TV antennae at the head of our TV set.

They look like the antennae on the head of a giant cockroach.


I see an image of a brain.

It looks like a sea sponge, but normally absorbs less.


I see the fluorescent light bulbs we have all around our house.

They look like the slides at a water park, winding round until splashing into the silver pool.



6 September 2007

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