Habitual Fixation – Day 051

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Wow.  o_o I’m exhausted.  Productive, yes – but exhausted. x_x

Today I cleaned and organized my entire apartment.  I vacuumed the entire room, including moving anything that was reasonable to move and cleaning under it.  I re-organized some things to make the room less cluttered and got rid of some clothes I won’t ever wear again.  I need to be realistic about these kinds of things.  I can’t just save things forever and be a pack-rat.  I’ll need to bring them to the ARC soon.  I have everything I need for now and it’s not a crime to buy new things.  I just need to be conscious of where my money’s going…

Ended up stripping my bed and washing everything…even that little while part that goes under the sheets and on top of the mattress. =) I’ve gotta find out what that thing is called..little white thing? =P

Also, I cooked and did the dishes. ^_^ I vacuumed the entire kitchen (moved chairs and all!) and hallway to the living room/front door area and the bathroom too. =) I feel super productive today.

I washed all my clothes and folded everything – it’s ALL put away now. =) I even managed to put some posters/puzzles up.  It’s finally starting to look like I live here! =D  I have a place to be! Whoopee!! X)

Today I also took a shower and washed my hair and all that; I filed my nails down..  I’m almost out of another body wash container… I only have a few more products to use up and then I’m going all organic… I’m super excited for that! =D  All natural, here I come! lol.  ^_^

It’s been pretty hard to stop using petroleum, I’ll admit.  I’m on day 51 right now and it stuns me just how far I have to go.  I don’t think I’ll ever be quite liberated from it, simply for the purpose of wanting a computer (plastics..) and planning on using my Tupperware until it breaks…also, shoes require plastic..and bottles for shampoo and stuff… I am pretty far off from being a dirty hippy, tho that IS the ultimate goal. =P

Well, time to update my food log and then I’ll be in bed, I hope.  Clean sheets…omfg…delicious. ^o^ Good night, self. ❤

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