Regardless of Christmas

Twas the night of this “Christmas” and all thru the house,
Not a creature was stirring ‘cept this e-lec-tron-ic mouse. 😉
The fam’ly was sleeping, all silent – no cares.
I donned my headphones; til morning, sat there.

My siblings were cuddled in clean, roommates’ beds
As visions of brownies replayed in their heads.
With mamma in my bed, keyboard on my lap
I asked inspiration remain and passion to tap.

Straight thru the David Lans’ musical set, there happened a clatter.
So I clicked on facebook to see what was the matter.
Away to the window, I replied in a flash.
I still cannot think a modern day twist of word “sash..”

The sheen on the puddles not-quite-yet caused by snow
Gave the promise of frost on the field out below
When out of my heart did this feeling appear
Not Santa, nor Jesus, nor store-bought reindeer!

So I wrote it all down with a clinking so quick
I knew in a moment, the thinking would stick.
As second by second, inspirations all came
And minute by minute, the feelings had names!

I’d have left out the part about Dasher and Dancer (and Rudolf and Vixen…
And Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen…)
For they didn’t visit last night, didn’t scale these walls.
They didn’t “dash away, dash away, dash away all!”

The last straggling leaves clung to trees as the chilly night sighed
And the moonbeams were brilliant, yes they’d light up the sky!
In the relieved streets of Chico, plastics all flew
Twas the litter of students; and some locals too.

And then, in an instant, I had this idea!
To start up some projects, in the coming new yee’uh
So I focused my thoughts and I turned words around
For I knew that my passion was no longer bound.

I have no desire to trade out the shoe on this foot
It was road much less travelled that I now undertook
So I turned Light toward others, and I never looked back
I gave up the degree, and the stress, and the pack

My friends had all wished me a Christmas so merry
What I received from my family – ne’er contrary!
As I see from their smiles down in the front row,
Perhaps I have talent and so much more to show

The care of a lifetime was proof in our teeth
We never had stockings, or presents, or wreaths.
But we had what we needed, warm food in our bellies.
We had rice and beans; peanut butters and jellies.

All moments be present, don’t set hearts out on shelves.
We have got to talk to each other, and connect with ourselves.
For in the feelings of sorrow that splash in our heads
There can be truths and healings, and relief of dreads.

We must all choose to inject interest into our passions.
We must always appreciate a hard earned day’s rations.
For convenience likely tacks on each new tip to our noses
We’ve lost touch with compassion as consuming arose-ed

So let’s sing, dance and breathe; let’s laugh and whistle
Let’s do less decorating and forced kisses by thistles
Let’s cherish each other and set priorities right
Regardless of Christmas, True Love conquers all nights.

25 December 2012

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