Habitual Fixation – Day 1007

29 October 2013

It is very nice to know that I am not a constant failure, but indeed just a neophyte on this rather well-intentioned, focused journey.  Almost three years ago, I set out on a journey to become more informed, more decisive, and more in control of the life I was living.  I did not want anything I did or felt or said to be ignorant, harmful, or without meaning.

During this time, I have grown a lot in ways I hadn’t even realized.  To put things into perspective for myself and to feel better about my current situations, I will attempt to recollect everything I have done and also perhaps shed some light into other areas I might be able to improve on.

1) I no longer knowingly ingest products that contain high-fructose corn-syrup.

2.) I have not purchased any kind of animal meats (fish included) for preparation or consumption in my homes.

3.) I have weaned entirely off of using the microwave.

4.) I have completely eliminated “TV Dinners” and other chemical-packed, nutrient-scarce frozen foods from my home diet.

5.) I have totally removed the consumption of beef from my menu.

6.) I have sold my car, which means

7.) I no longer need to rely on gasoline for my daily transportation needs.

8.) I purchased a bicycle with side bags and a rack to serve as my main mode of transportation around town.

9.) I very rarely ingest carbonated drinks,

10.) large quantities of caffeine (tea, energy drinks, coffee, etc..),

11.) wine, beer, spirits, or other alcohol.

12.) I no longer purchase breads that contain enriched or bleached flours.

13.) I have switched to solely Organic Cow’s Milk

14.) in a glass bottle that is always rinsed out and returned.

15.) I have succeeding in getting to a space of locality that means I can completely avoid entering/purchasing from almost all popular chains, including WalMart, Starbucks, Target, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Dutch Bros., Jamba Juice, Jack N the Box, and many others.

16.) I shop entirely at a Local Natural Food’s Co-Operative.

17.) I eat healthily enough to not need to ingest “nutritional supplements.”

18.) I have cured my asthma (no asthma attacks unless I am in close quarters with a cat or other very dandery animal.)

19.) I would say that I have also cured my allergies.

20.) These two things have helped me accomplish my goal of being entirely free of pharmaceuticals! 😀 (No more prescription or “over-the-counter” medications!)

21.) I actively seek out season fruits and vegetables that are grown here in Chico.

22.) If I cannot find something I am seeking from within Chico, I still will try to purchase from California.

23.) I shop for my clothing almost entirely from Thrift Stores.

24.) I have avoided ingesting marijuana in any form. (It’s been tempting, now and then..)

25.) I have avoided the intake of tobacco (one hit on an e-cigarette out of spite..but other than that,  almost 24 years of being totally “drug-free!” YAY for me!]

26.) I have switched to the consumption of water (including HOT water) in place of sugary juices or other kinds of “soft drinks.”

27.) I have retained my lifestyle of no-television and I have greatly reduced the amount of radio from my life by selling my car.  This means that I live largely outside of mainstream (or “pop”) culture, avoiding advertising and influence from “the media.”

28.) I attend City Council Meetings, which keeps me informed about the development of my home community.

29.) Every week I read the local paper, which keeps me up-to-date on the feelings and priorities of those around me.

30.) When I DON’T buy my clothing from thrift stores, I buy it from local businesses and other sustainable companies (such as Vibram, Patagonia, and Trek), which also promotes those brands as walking, active advertising. 🙂

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