Habitual Fixation – Day 646

02 November 2012

So much was done and seen and enjoyed today.  Starting with a shower and a brisk bike ride to the university for a free Arboretum Tour around the Bidwell Mansion was absolutely fascinating!  Aside from tree identification, I absorbed the culture of ageism we have in our society.  It was intellectually and ethically provocative!

I spend money like a C1 but collect money worse than a corpsmember.  Oh snap!  $3369 spent in two months…writing competitions here I come! >:D  I will have spent a total of $4775 over the course of the last 4 months of 2012 if I don’t go over my budget, which is rounded up to $5000 over 4 months which comes to 1250 per month, on average.  This means I am still spending money as if I had a full-time job…but I don’t.  Lol.  Damn.  I have got to make it last until the end of December…and I have GOT to bring my grades up and get a part-time job fo sho.  I seem to feel that I deserve to live a life in this price range, so that calculates to being worth $16 an hour at 20 hours per week…or, as the majority of places might figure: $8 an hour at 40 hours per week…but I simply don’t have time for that.  I am going to apply to drive the bus or be a dispatcher.  I think either one would be a fine job, theoretically; and give me lots of things to write about.  I should also inquire at Waste Management…that would be a good one.  🙂 Lots to learn, fo sho.  I want to find out about field work, also…harvesting.. NOT marijuana…! XD lol 😛 Got to study.  Ciao for now. 🙂

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