I Should Love You

I can’t even focus
On anything but this

I know I need to move on
But I just can’t resist

The thought that maybe someday
Relations will subsist

And when they do we’ll smile
To more readily exist

I know that you still love me
I know that you still care

(For me)

So why can’t you just hold me?
Why can’t you take me back?

I know that I have hurt you
There are some things I lack

Like waiting on decisions
And wasting all my time

Trying to restrain me
Trying to live a lie

(***I am writing this about you
Without you***)

You’ve said you’ll always be there
You say you’ll always care

But when I say I need you
I know that you feel scared

I’ve shouted and I’ve hurt you
I’ve torn your light apart

And when I say “forget it”
It’s only just the start

Of something very different
Of something very new

You know that I still want us
I want us to improve

I know that I’m still growing
I’ve got a lot to do

There are just so many things
I already thought I knew

Like how to sit in patience
How to play along

How to rhyme the verses
How to write a song

Because while I just sit here
I think only of you

I’ve got so much for work here
But I am feeling blue

I really shouldn’t call you
I really shouldn’t text

So maybe I’ll go see you
And climb right into bed

But you know I wouldn’t do it
I’d never cross that line

Since on a yesterday you set it
And right now you are not mine

So maybe if I’m patient
Maybe if I wait..

You might want to bring me in again
Yes, maybe it’s not too late

So I’ll just keep on trying
I’ll sit outside this gate

I’ll live so hard to tell you
I should have loved you, Nate.

Friday, 18 May 2012 at 1:35am

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