Don’t worry – this is not an ultimatum.

I like you enough to realize that I like you.

I’m not gonna make you choose between love or friendship;

We can have both, I’m thinkin.

I don’t need you in the slightest.

You are not responsible for my feelings; I’m an adult.

I own this.

I laid it out for you,

Because I see you as an equal.

I want all of you.

Right now is a sweet deal:

You and I enjoy the good times and laugh together

Side by side beneath the covers, listening to our good times

Go floating by

And when either we hit the bad times, we reclude into ourselves.

I’m saying that I don’t want you to do that.

I want to be there to hear your troubles and hold you so you can feel alright just crying.

I don’t want you to protect me – I don’t need a spirit keeper.

I don’t need to make you promises and I don’t need to meet the reaper.

It looks like we’re just hangin out and I am fine with that.

Cept when you say you don’t like texting, and get annoyed when people call,

I guess it means I won’t be texting you, or waste my time at all.

Cuz I want you to be happy, and I want you to be safe.

And I want you to make your own choices,  to feel you’re in a great place.

But I will not force you, I won’t pursue you.

Any further, I cannot go for venturing out alone here

It’s a cold dark night and unless you’re coming with me, I’d much rather

Just stay in for a while and bide my time while I wait out for lower tides

It’s not so bad just to lie out, sometimes.

Mammals do it and so will I, as I wait for the time to fly out. 🙂

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