Ahtah Zehta

Aberrant: deviating from what is normal or desirable

Biotic: living; relating to life and living organisms, or caused by living organisms

Confrontational: I am known for initiating face-to-face meetings or encounters with people or beliefs, especially ones that seem clearly challenging or hostile.

Determined: feeling or showing firmness or a fixed purpose

Emotional: being, by nature, easily affected by, or quick to express, emotions

Faithful: unwavering in belief; believing firmly in something or somebody; consistently trustworthy and loyal, especially to a person, promise, or duty

Grateful: having or showing the desire or reason to thank somebody

Happy: feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or joy; feeling satisfied that something is right or has been done right

Ideal: a standard or principle to which people aspire; a concept that exists in the imagination only

Just: indicating that somebody will begin doing something or something will start happening now; acting with fairness and impartiality; done, pursued, or given in accordance with what is morally right

Knowledgeable: possessing or showing a great deal of knowledge, awareness, or intelligence

Loving: showing or feeling affection; done with enjoyment and careful attention

Musical: having a talent for or a strong interest in music

Natural: present in or produced by nature, not artificial or synthetic; in accordance with human nature; inborn, rather than acquired; behaving in a sincere and unaffected way and not affected or adopted for a special purpose

Opportunistic: taking advantage of an opportunity, or exploiting opportunities and situations in general

Philosophical: concerned with or given to thinking about the larger issues and deeper meanings in life and events;

Quixotic: tending to take a romanticized view of life; motivated by an idealism that overlooks practical considerations; tending to act on impulses

Reliable: dependable; able to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised

Spiritual: connected by an affinity of the mind, spirit, or temperament; showing great refinement and concern for the higher part of life

Thoughtful: pensive; appearing to be deep in thought

Unconventional: different from what is regarded as normal or standard

Valid: reasonable or justifiable in the circumstances

Witty: using words in an apt, clever, and amusing way

Xenophile: somebody who likes the people, customs, and culture of other countries, or things from abroad

Yearning: having a strong desire, often tinged with sadness

Z: The last one.  All things end to let others begin.


1 November 2007

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