I Only Know That I Smile

Why is it your wicked wish to push and to pull me down?

I’m letting all those secrets go while I thrive among clouds.

Ain’t nothing to read into; it’s always meant how it sounds.

Be assured, there’s enough life and love inside to go round.

Don’t you try to place me, or to group me in or single me out! Cuz

I’ve felt more and seen more than you and yours could ever spout.

Ha! It’s too bad that you seemed so much kinder from so much farther away!

How far from these sad creature comforts do you really have to stray?!

You piteous ignorant, go now! – let us be free with life’s plans.

Initiation is not such a scandal; it’s these tender, slipping sands..


To be as great as his deluded allusions, it need only show up in his acts.

Compliments such as I give are not just frivolities; they must be the facts!

Her hair shines with care; why shouldn’t I notice?

Fire in his eyes, still not enough to lack focus!


The light in YOUR eyes now captures all parts within me.

The sun of our spirits is warm, inharmonious synergy.

As I listen intently to the voice of conviction,

Between some of us, matures a good friction.

Your flowing soul is quite beautiful; maybe now you will show it?

Worth my time and care.  Don’t you feel I’m open to know it?

I want to discover YOU and honesty’s my style.

Being near you now, I only know that I smile.

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