City of Chico’s Park Watch

Park Watch

For over 3 years, I have been an active member of Park Watch.  Did you know that the City of Chico has only 3 Park Rangers, despite having over 3,670 acres to cover each day in Bidwell Park alone?

As a volunteer with Park Watch, I provide a positive presence in our municipal parks and greenways, offering information about safety and regulations to the public as needed.  More often than not, I am approached by someone asking for directions within or outside the parks.

As the “eyes and ears” of the Rangers, we Park Watchers make note of unsafe or peculiar occurrences in our parks, such as disruptive homeless encampments or the presence of hazardous fire or illicit drug-use within park boundaries.

I strongly support the preservation and maintenance of our parks and greenways – including expanding their accessibility to the public.

Additionally, I support policy that respects the integrity of the Greenline and ensures that our community development remains sustainable and faithful to the spirit of our small, close-knit communities.

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