California [Nation]-State University, Chico

State, State, State…emotions, solid/liquid/gas, independent country; Taiwan/Independence Communism in Mainland China vs “Republic” of Taiwan, both claim to be the “real government.”

Vatican City – Smallest Country in the World = Same size as CSU Chico

What about San Francisco?  Should it be its own country?  Is it?

United Nations (1940s) —> Social Influence VS War-Power

Only a country if it is recognized by OTHER countries; umm…racism, much?  It sounds like a lot of parallels between identity and acknowledgement.  Why do we need PERMISSION and affirmation to be who we already are and to do what we already do?  Taiwan is clearly its own country.

Some “states” in the USA should be their own countries; some states and cities are run (governed) much better than some other countries: Indonesia, Haiti, [Most countries in Africa…]  Would the spot light of the people there prevent the backlash and warfare from other countries based on fear of social reprisal?  (They can’t touch us!  The world would kill them! type of thing)

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