4’s Whores, 6: Dicks

So, I went to this party the other day at a friend’s house.  I was told beforehand that it wasn’t going to be a big drinking thing, and since I really liked that friend and wanted to be supportive and celebrate their birthday, I decided to show up to it.  The thing was, I had never been there before and when I arrived, the apartment number they gave me was overcrowded with people and garbage.  I looked up to it, as it was on the second floor, and saw people smoking something on the little balcony.  This couldn’t be the place..  I must have gotten the wrong number.  I wandered absentmindedly around the complex after I locked my bike up and rang the friend who invited me to the party.  In between the lag from the music in the background on his side and the live music I was hearing from that apartment, I realized that it WAS the right place.  Disappointed and already annoyed with the situation, I stood at a clear distance from the stairs as he started walking down them toward me.  I felt trapped, unprepared, and slightly childish.

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