My O-cyte

This many quartered place

Each chamber filled

At one time or another

By some fleeting traveler

That stayed a moment or more

Yet, uncertain, knocked a new door.

Emotions of the heart

Melted by thoughts of the mind,

Some dissolving while others solidify

Feelings all mingling while

Persuaded and coaxed to separate,

They lose passion, isolated and weak.

The accommodations are never lonely,

Though the guests seldom stay

For very long once the lights

Have all gone out

She sleeps and forgets

The name of the guests

As they check out early and

Some refuse to pay while

Others don’t know why they are

Here in this mansion, this

Many quartered place

Where emptiness is dangerous

The notions all forgotten now

The reasons gone away

The teller doesn’t see which

Concept’s here to stay – as all

Come and go, come and go

From this living, breathing place.

22 April 2008

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