You Are Your Own Addictions

Sara you’re right
He blew it
You knew that he would do it
So I kind of feel impressed.

He said the things
I wanted
I thought that he was honest
But it seems he’s just depressed.

See he’s got these bad
He always brings em with ‘im
And he tried to snag me along-!


I will never change the person that I am to suit you
I would never try to do those things I know would hurt you
I will never want to give up what I feel or ‘m thinking
I would never need to carry burdens only sinking

Alright so it’s fact
Not fiction
There is a clear distinction
When you’re dealing with this

You’ve got the choice
Your force is your own minion
And this life is your own



I will always want to live my life how MN intended
I will always strive for things ;ensure it’s never ending
I will always try to do the good thing in bad situations
I will always hope to find the pieces that are missing

So what should I do?
Be with him?
And all of his addictions
Should I leave this all behind?

See I’ve got this firm opinion
If ya love em you don’t leave em
But I’m feeling so let


Don’t you even try to think that you are my one savior
I am not willing to tolerate this crude behavior
You must stop these habits and construct a better future
Or you will force us all away and perform your own sutures

Friday, 30 March 2012 at 5:59am

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