Fearless Leap

Based on: poemcrazy, by Author Susan G. Wooldridge – Chapter 10


Fearless Leap

My real name is pensive.
Never a still mind
My thoughts race to find the truth

Is there such a thing?


Yesterday my name was hopeless.
No one can help,
No one will try.

Money ruins life.


Today my name is maybe: yes and no.
If I can help it I will make it.
I will try to fight; stay alive.

This money which I lack


Tomorrow my name will be struggle.
I need support and encouragement.
I need the things I can’t find.

Mostly, I want true love.

But will it hurt?


Secretly, I know my name is fearful hesitation.
Standing at the top of life’s waterfall
Rapids and sharp rocks lie beneath me.


Should I jump?


Failure lives atop this cruel mountain peak.

Success can only be found in the fearless leap.


10 September 2007

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