Civic Engagement

Please view the drop-down menus to learn about how we will:

  • Encourage cleaner waterways with the help of The Stream Team: Citizen Monitoring Project –
  • Ensure the safety and efficiency of our local parks and greenways with the help of  the City of Chico’s Park Watch –
  • Encourage the growth of local commerce, especially within the Downtown Sector with the help of the DCBA, their Downtown Ambassadors – and the Street Pastors.
  • Continue to provide nutritious and basic local meals for our community through Food Not Bombs –
  • Urge social rehabilitation for the houseless, transient, mentally ill, elderly, foster youth, nonviolent drug-offenders, and disabled veterans
  • Work to draft mutually sufficient legislation for efficiently regulating the safe production and taxation of medical marijuana and hemp products
  • Initiate an axtensive local recycling initiative
  • Create installments of more food-producing community and sidewalk gardens