Not Used to Criticism?

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A funny little thing happened to me tonight on the way to the forum.. 😉 I took offense to something written in jest by a close, near-and-dear friend of mine. In this one particular post, of which there are many others typed out several times daily, there was a certain wordage that struck and captivated me in the worst sense of the word. There was a tiny little hinting that this person could have been exhibiting signs of anti-[insert label of your loved one here]-ism and I was unnervingly riveted. For whatever reason, I decided to voice my alarm in a brief comment. That was my first mistake, really. I should never have thought that criticizing someone for the very first time ever on a public, meant-to-be-a-joke posting would have been a good idea for building up that person’s confidence.

– Friday, 09 January 2015

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