Habitual Fixation – Day 677

03 December 2012

Perhaps I have ended up in relationships I knew were going to fail because, involving someone else, at least they had the tendency to endure longer (and, in the meantime, burn more passionately) than most of my other addictions..short-lived and ill-conceived…contrived grievances that served only to bring about that sense of elatedness and rejoicing at the rejuvenation of the already idealistic s

tability experienced prior to the…capture..

of my…



But why invest the time at all, really?

Writing in a bar; leaving to talk to the DJ; coming back to find a loving note scribbled hurriedly on my previously untouched script for the Sound of Music..from a total stranger..it reads,

“You are a beautiful soul. – ♥ somebody @ the bar”

See, This…this is why I’m living.

Living to Love…Loving…my…life. ^.^
Learning to live..by loving people..all around me; so grateful..

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