Go Back Down

Your bright eyes.
Your beaming smile.

Right when I’m slumping down,
You catch me.
Right when I’m pushing up,
You always

Keep me down
You always
Keep me down

Slinging violence
Tracing silence
Where can I hide?

From You
Your dead eyes..
Your missing smile!

Just when I’m falling down,
You catch me.
Bring me back up, Okay!

Just when I’m standing up
You force me
Down, again.

I don’t recognize


How is it that every time I think I’m doing better
The very next day I realize that I’m the one who’ll never
Stand straight up

I’m so tired

Stand straight up

I’m so tired…

Only when I hit the ground do I really hear you
Only when I hold my breath do I know I need to feel you



Eyes, Smile..

You are Me!!

I smile.

GO back down.