InHarmonious Destiny

InHarmonious Destiny

It can get so difficult, this “humanity;” this “weakness” thing.
Sometimes I feel so helpless, so lost; so stressful unending.

And just when I think that things are turning up or turning round
I find that nothing ever changes ‘cept the way ev’rything sounds.

It is interesting how inharmonious your various components can be.

I struggle.
I fall.

I huggle.
I crawl.

It is about release as much as it’s about restraint.
It’s about genuine expression without complaint.

I offer nothing;
I give it all.

Expecting nothing –
I hit a wall.

I’ve heard it said that true strength lies within control
If that is true, what is this tort’rous tension of my soul?

Maybe it’s true that I’ll never find someone else who fit me like you do (did you?)
But if that is true, why does my heart now ache when I’ve finally gotten proof?

I tumble.
I fly.

I risk it.
I try.

Emotions soft and rough; or gently and fierce.
Passions light and dark; neither one will pierce.

I’ve wanted nothing
I got it all

I’ve needed something
Still me, you call.

It’s inspiring how in tune your unbridled spirit with this universe can be…


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