Municipal Accountability

I want to remind us about the terms, “Leader” and “Follower.”  There is an implied partnership here, for there cannot be one without the other.

The definition of a “Leader” speaks of someone who is willing to explore an area just before others arrive there, in order to show the way is safe and clear.

A leader must take risks that others cannot choose in order to allow others who come after them safe passage across potentially hazardous conditions.

In that way then, a leader cannot lead anyone who does not wish (or agree) to go in the declared direction.  When someone takes an authoritarian role over others without obtaining informed consent from those people, no true partnership can take place – there is only thoughtless domination and coercion.  These things are not sustainable for any long-term society.

If any culture is going to thrive and succeed, there must be a highly functioning partnership attained between leaders and followers.  This relationship must be justly achieved through direct democracy.

Over the past 4 years especially, the City’s time and resources have been publicly strained fighting to restore balance to our system – for example, restoring balance for the Municipal Budget.

Those who serve our community need to operate transparently and be held accountable for all their actions, choices, and service.  If they do not, they will not be respected by the public.  If they are not respected by the public, unrest will grow on both sides until a very unhealthy city climate is undeniable.

In addition to ensuring checks and balances between City Agencies and the Public, public servants need to be appropriately compensated for their hard work and commitments.

We must not get greedy and become obsessed with our own self-interests as individuals.  It is time for more individuals to start thinking in terms of community and not just self-serving motifs, which are short-sighted and always lead to dissatisfaction.

The mindset within our local government needs to reflect the minds of the people it is sworn to represent through civil service.

This means more residents choosing to stand up and take an active role in the development of our Home Town Community through volunteer work and grassroots neighborhood organizing.

City Officials & Staff, elected and hired, need to do their part to foster responsible and intentional growth in our community…but they cannot do it alone.  We all must take our part.

Now, more than ever, is the time for citizens and government to return to their original partnership, to dedicate their lives to the health of our families, schools, neighborhoods, clubs, groups, and all other bodies.

Together, we will work co-operatively to implement long-term solutions to social issues and treat them with the human compassion and dignity these delicate and complex topics deserve.