Why I’m Smiling

“Why are you so happy?”
Well, I’m in love.

“You are? With whom?”
Well, with you, I guess-! And with her, and with him, and just…everything! And also with myself. ^.^

You’re crazy.” (-.-)

Really, the way I see it, there are really only two choices in life: create more love in this world or destroy it. I love my life because I get to be in love with every person I encounter every single day. This is why I like dancing so much; every song you share with someone can be an experience that is hopelessly and romantically connected.

We live in a world where people are, more often than not, shocked to receive a compliment. We live in a world where people are actively trying to downgrade and discount their own beauty, grace, and confidence. We live in a world where telling someone they are pretty or handsome makes them think that you are proposing to engage in sexual acts with them; as if everything they are depends solely on their ability to sexually perform for or to entertain another person.

We will in a world where all the great, true, pure, free things are entirely depressed by the structure of our society. We live in a world where people don’t say “I love you,” or “I thank you, or “I like you,” or “You make me smile,” without fear of disapproval or rejection. We live in a world where people are surprised when someone holds you tightly when they hug you. We live in a world of comparisons and relativity that tells us that we are never going to be AS good or AS great or AS smart or AS wonderful or AS important as everybody else.

I am here to tell you that my perceptions and my declarations of your worth do not depend on you accepting them or finding something in turn to compliment ME on. I am here to tell you that when I declare that you are PRETTY or STUNNING or HANDSOME or BRILLIANT or BEAUTIFUL or COURAGEOUS, that such truths are so solid in my eyes that they no not need your permission or acceptance to remain as true. You ARE incredible, despite your protestations.

The next time you see someone, take the moment to fall helplessly, hopelessly, deeply in love with them. Allow yourself the priceless experience of taking in all their essence and presence and being; and just accepting it. It doesn’t matter if this person is a friend you’ve just met, a mentor, or a family member, or a stranger – if you cannot muster up and exude LOVE from every sparkle in your eyes and hugs and handshakes then maybe you just don’t appreciate yourself the way that we do yet.

Maybe you don’t think that someone like you deserves love. Or maybe you think that someone like you is SO special that you simply cannot GIVE your love away so freely. To this, I say this: when love is given, more love is created to refill and replace it. Love is not something that, when expended, is then to be considered diminished and wasted. Love is a miraculous and perpetuating thing because, when it is freely consciously invested, it can never be depleted or lessened.

Love is something like a flame: once in existence, it can be passed on to another unlit wick without necessitating the elimination of the original source of the flame. When love is passed on in this way, it only serves to brighten and liven up that space. We are not wicks that can be worn down with wax and flattened. We are not wicks that pollute while we blaze and, once sparked, are to a fate of expiratory value destined.

We are the one true wick. We are immortal, invincible, and everlasting. Our souls, once on fire, cannot be extinguished with the usual winds of breeze and whim. Once alight, we resonate with the indomitable spirit that will never be blown out; nor snuffed by hardship.

We must ignite this passion within ourselves. We must go out and strike this fire into others if we are able. We must dance with our souls and love through our eyes. We must teach our love with honest words and exposed sorrows. We must share our love with compassionate thoughts and innocent, comforting touches. We must build each other up.

So yes, you ask me why I am always smiling.
What I can tell you is this: I love you.
And I am not going to apologize.

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