Father of the Bride (1991)

I have never been this bored by a movie before. Literally. NEVER. 30 minutes in. I feel like I have to keep watching just to make sure. I’d have thought about leaving the theater by now!

Lol..so bad I decided to take a break and go wash the dishes for 12 minutes. X) Awesome. I can’t believe I am still watching this. Damn. Horray for hope!

34:10…are you seriously replacing the Black-American racism of the 1950s with the racism of the 90s toward Hispanic//Latin immigrants?? WTF.

I have been playing with Play-Doh for the last 10 minutes instead of watching this film. : ]

40:00 minutes in…first real laugh! >:D (The mirror in the bathroom almost falling off.)

One hour down…while folding the laundry and making the bed up… *psyches self-out* I can DO this!

OH sh*t he just started singing.

OMG It’s Dr. Huang from the Special Victim’s Unit. O.O

She lost me at “…my old retainer..” (-.-)

1 hour, 23 minutes, 29 seconds…out of 01:45:07. I just couldn’t make it. I have never rated something “1 out of 5” before…but this one should have next to zero. Blug. I feel like I need to wring my mind out from all the “FAIL” it’s absorbed from watching this..

I am literally going to ride to the post office at the first crack of sunlight and return this piece of disgrace to Netflix. Save me, Dexter…come soon.. <_>
If you value 1 hour and 45 minutes of your life, I advise: DO NOT WASTE IT ON THIS FILM.

I promise you, it’s horrible.

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