Nothing Rhymes with Fondly

07 June 2011

You were right.

I miss you.


So much more so at night than during the day.

I work my mind with busy’s just to keep my self at bay.

Not only now, but from the rising to the setting of each day

I think of you and wish you well upon your way.


I miss you, now, caught in this space; alone with something I had never thought of.

What is it now – could it be the case?  That the schools had never really taught love..?


It comes to mind and comes to say the wording has lost its meaning.

“Love” and “friend” and “helping-hand” have all become demeaning.


When it came to giving in, this comfort only sought to bond me.

Suffice to find that in this hour, I did think about you fondly.

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