Don’t Tell Me Truth Hurts, Little Girl

I typically avoid writing when I’m feeling just like this.

But now I can’t stop whining; I’ve just started being pissed.


I don’t want to hurt your feelings, though mine don’t mean a thing

But the way you’ve been treating me is like we’re just a fling.


You say that I’m your “soulmate,” that you need me in your life

But then you go and ya act out, and you really cause me strife.


Things that are legit are spun right round to face me

New shit everyday, I swear, man — nothin’s gonna faze me.



Now, maybe we’re meant to be, or maybe we’re full of shit.

All I DO know is you’re not TRYING – and it’s fucking bullshit.



It’s immature to say this, but I’mma do it anyway

I fucking hate your guts right now; I’m pushing you away.



I know I can’t take these harsh words back but baby I ain’t trying.

Maybe one day I will feel bad, if you ever stop fucking lying.



How dare you say you love me when you can’t even comprehend

The meaning of this word you’re using per the lack of time you spend


I really did believe you, when you told me your heart was true

But actions don’t match those empty words; I’m disappointed in you.


This makes me so sad, writing all this down knowing it’s mashing you up

But I’m about to dash some salt on it, so you better try to suck it up




Do you know the hours I’ve spent pushing my own feelings aside?

I love you so much I have given up myself and hid away inside





To love is just so simple, why’s it so hard to break the silence?

I swear to you now, bein real and bein true seems beyond the rocket science


You’ve never shown an openness to sharing or a desire to just say things

Why is it so often thrown around how YOU can trust me and my feelings?



Situation really sucks and I wish I would lie to you but let’s be honest:

That’s not the way you act in my mind after you’ve made a promise.



I really love you and hope we can work our way through this minefield

But if we hit anymore, your heart will break – imagine how will mine feel.


I bought those pretzels for a reason and you’re the only one who knew that I’d be writing

It’s all killing me inside though…song lyric time has truly never been less inviting.

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