Work-Spend-Struggle-Stress; Repeat

I want and need to be more reserved, financially.

My name is Mercedes and I am a food-a-holic.

I’ve already spent over $160 this month on going out with myself and friends and enjoying meals I really didn’t need to indulge in…like nachos and salty soups and stuff.

Actually, it’s $235 if you count the $75 in frozen cookie-dough I ordered from my young friend who’s selling boxes of them through his school this month and which I haven’t paid for yet. -_-

Sigh.. No WONDER I’m stressed about work and money.. I’m ridiculous-! D:

Here I am looking at my budget and saying that I don’t have enough money to purchase a rolly-trash can for a project I said I cared about (which costs less than $100) while I look the other way and, in the same smile, blow nearly $250 collectively in little pieces around town on worthless eateries.. O.o Yes, it’s true that my purchases help support our local economy by increasing revenue…but in a time like this, when my biggest concerns seem to sound like, “I’ve been working too much,” and “My thighs are enormous,” you’d think that it would be easy to identify and isolate the roots of problems.

Take into account that, on TOP of all that, this month:

I bought running shoes: $95
I bought dance shoes: $75
I bought ink for my printer: $65

So, basically I have spent $470 on stuff that wasn’t entirely essential to my survival.. O.o

Not to mention, I committed to a YEAR’S worth of monthly payments of $150 for the practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan in my life.. Which makes it a grand total of $620 spent off of the essentials of life, out in frivolous-leisure-money-land.

At the same time…that’s KIND of reassuring, right?? O.o I mean, it sort-of DOES mean that I developed a serious work-spend-work-spend pattern, but it ALSO shows me that I could just work-live-thrive-enjoy instead, which is rather encouraging.

However, this is that moment when I sit back and reflect…is my lifestyle KEEPING me in financial struggle and poverty, just to be able to re-cycle my current self so I don’t have to actually grow anymore? O.o The answer is yes; positively, absolutely, entirely, YES.

I’ve been keeping this all out-of-sight, out-of-mind by piling it on my credit card.

Current goal: reduce dependence on credit card and pay down credit card 100% by October 31st NEXT year — that is when this current card will expire and my largest monthly expense on the card will have been paid in full. This shouldn’t be too hard, considering that the card has a max limit of only $800, so if I focus and do a little more trimming each and every month and a little more RUNNING to make up for it, I should come out healthy and on top of everything. 🙂 Exciting.

But wow… $620.. O.o It’s a good thing I don’t do drugs of any kind..but GOSH-! I am basically addicted to eating. x_x

ANDDDDDDDDDD off to work now…where I work in a restaurant.. -_- At least the choices are healthy, fresh, and tasty! 😀  I’d really like to have some food in the HOUSE to keep me from going out…maybe I’ll put $100 of that on next month’s budget, to see if I can’t shave off my first $50…yeah! 😀

Next stop, Costco. 🙂


– Saturday 25 October 2014

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