The Arduous Task

Each person is called-upon for a certain amount of time (life) to leave their mark on history and all those they meet, or else to simply wither away alone and be wholly forgotten.  The final goal of each prospective good-person is to die with a clear conscience, knowing they lived the right way.  They can stand at the end of the road and look back with pride on their “road less travelled.”  They may even hope to have been good enough to end up in a place called Heaven when they die, or their idea of it, anyway.

A good person is often seen as pathetic, plain, and weak.  They are often judged as hypocrites and it is generally assumed they live a boring, unfulfilling life.  There is quite a bit more thought behind the matured soul of a true good person, however.  A good person has a very strong character and strives to be the epitome of goodness in order to promote peace among his neighbors.  This must be done through the gradual acquiring of knowledge about and understanding of the diverse lifestyles of all those around you.  It is always respectful to learn about the traditions and daily lives of the people you choose to interact with. This way, you do not offend anyone, and you can appreciate different customs.

A good person always demonstrates kindness, poise, and integrity.  A good person is always be polite to, tolerant of, and deferential with all leaders, peers, hosts, and strangers.  A good person is always alert, attentive, and chivalrous, showing a sincere compassion for all living things.  A good person is always honest and consistent, displaying genuine candor and personal integrity.

A good person is confident and bold, yet always knowing the right time to use caution and discretion, or to exercise self-control, deference, and discipline.  A good person is dependable and diligent, benevolently committed to any task they are handed, no matter how difficult or meager.

A good person is content to be humble, fair, and forgiving, never failing to do what is right because of pride or vengeance.  A good person has a high sense of discernment and prudence; able to make firm, courageous decisions when a tough situation arises.  A good person is also thoughtful and understanding, listening to both sides of an issue and coming to a knowledgeable and righteous conclusion, regardless of who is watching.

A good person is appreciative and grateful, always expressing gratitude through cheerful words and gestures.  A good person must be obedient, meek, and willing to learn.

A good person will never turn someone away due to a prejudice or a selfishness, showing punctuality, flexibility, generosity, hospitality, and sensitivity to all he meets.  A good person is enthusiastic and passionate about all they do.

A good person endeavors to measure up to the high standards set by their title.


WHOA WHOA WHOA!  Wait a minute, hold the phone – this is impossible.  How can a single person be all of these things at once, ALL THE TIME?  You’d have to be a Saint, or a god.  The answer:  You’re not all of these things.  You never will be.

HOWEVER – a good person also realizes that he will fail frequently, but he must have the endurance to keep putting himself out there and trying  again.  And again.  And again.  And again…  Until finally…at least you’ve tried, right?  The only way to win this game is to try… And it better have been your best shot, at least.  All you can do, (when you have no idead what it is that you are doing) is to go out there in the blinding lights and give it your best shot.

A good person is a very hard thing to be. You will be called names, tortured, and otherwise humiliated daily if you’re a really good person. You will suffer.  Tremendously.  You will experience great periods of mental and emotional anguish.  Sometimes, you will feel broken.  And sometimes, you’ll need help to mend your tired soul.  You will experience pain and loss and turmoil.  But you are not alone.  How can you believe that Heaven is blind to your pain?  If God ignored such a person, what hope is there for the rest of us?  There must be a God, or there would be no internal longing to practice moral integrity…when it is so trying….

To those who try sometimes and fail, I say, don’t give up – keep trying.

And for those who continuously try and fail, I tell you you have my deepest admirations, for I am a vulgar one who could never admit to being more vulnerable…

I would much rather be a weak, deceivingly apathetic person to protect my own, broken soul. I am not strong like you. And I know I should try, but I falter. I have little faith, only despair. It is my colossal moral frailty that is my own damnation.


10 December 2006

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