Just a Spoonful! Not the Whole BAG!

Wednesday 20 April 2011:

Why do I always pour too much brown-sugar in my oatmeal?  O_o  Seriously!  Have I ever learned that the molasses in brown-sugar makes is nearly impossible to pour out efficiently?  I guess not.  x_x

I mean, REALLY tho.  I need to put it in a Tupperware contained and learn to use a measuring spoon.  (-.-)  Ideally, for the actually size.

On TOP of that, I feel more sick this morning than I did before I went to bed last night.  Moral of the story: drink water immediately when you feel thirsty at night (or ANY time, really..) and it will only benefit you.  It would seem to make sense that your body needs extra fresh fluids at night to help you rejuvenate from the day before.  When I was feeling really thirsty last night, I should have gotten out of bed and filled up my goddamned water bottle.  Just sayin’.


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