I love my Self.
I love my body.
I love the things I can do with my body.
I love the things my body can DO.
I love the things we can do TOGETHER, my body and I.
I love the experiences we are sharing, it and I.

I love my body because it moves Me.
I love my body because it allows my Self to get from Now to Now safely.
I love my body because it can receive messages from outside of Me.
My body knows how to translate them expertly into a language I can understand.
My body is a courier and a liaison.

My body connects to the world around it and openly shares these moments WITH Me.
I am able to get along in this space BECAUSE of my wonder-filled body.

My body is unbelievable.

My body is efficient.
My body is strong.
My body is smart.

My body is a stickler for details.
My body is extremely perceptive.
My body is intuitive and timely.

My body is graceful.
My body is smooth.
My body is groovy.

My body gets used.

I take care of my body; it takes care of Me.
I feed it healthy foods and I keep it clean.
I take it to scenic places and see all we can see.
I use my spirit to keep it happy, I make the stories that it wants to Be.

My spirit feels the things that my body isn’t.
My body knows the things my soul is not.
My mind can be sometimes willing..
..but sometimes, my body is not.

Sometimes, my body gets tired.
My body has kept me down.
Then gradually I discovered,
it wasn’t Body but ME–that has been so messed around.

For I am not my body, though it sometimes seems this way.
I am not my body, I’m just here in it today.
I am not my body; I’m unsure if I am mind.
I think I may be Spirit..but thoughts come from my mind!

It’s better not to think of
things that stress you out
The body can be so quiet
While the mind is shrieking loud.

Today I shared time with my body.
I took it for a run.
I covered its ears with headphones.
I listened to noises sung

By forces who call themselves people
By people who call themselves strong
By strong vibrational moments
Of feeling like we belong

To something that’s just so much bigger
Than all that we see now around
There are more than just two eyes for seeing
There is more to the music than sound

There is something much greater than being
Constantly here in this town
There is something

– Friday, 14 November 2014

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