When It’s Time To Go

Never say bye. The word bye makes me so angry. It’s like “gosh, go away already…” The word in itself is hurtful to me. Never say goodbye, say goodnight, or until we meet again, or farewell…bye is so…routine…and I am not a routine girl – don’t you dare think I am normal. I am anything but ordinary.

And when I go away
I know my heart can stay with my love , its understood.
Its in the hands of my love , and my love does it good

And when the cupboards bare
Ill still find something there with my love
Its understood – its everywhere with my love
And my love does it good

Only my love holds the other key to me
Dont ever ask me why , I never say goodbye to my love
Its understood , its everywhere with my love
And my love does it good

At the office where the papers grow she takes a break,
Drinks another coffee
And she finds it hard to stay awake, Its just another day.

Ah, stay, dont stand her up.
He comes – and he stays – but he leaves the next day, so sad….
Sometimes she feels so sad…

As she posts another letter to the sound of five,
People gather round her
And she finds it hard to stay alive, its just another day.

Ah…so sad, so sad…sometimes she feels so sad.
Alone in her apartment shed dwell,
Till the man of her dreams comes to break the spell…

Stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever,
Never seeing no one nice again like you,
Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun,
And the first one said to the second one there I hope youre having fun

Well, the undertaker drew a heavy sigh seeing no one else had come,
and the night was falling as the desert world began to settle down.
In the town theyre searching for us every where, but we never will be found.

Bobby lived with patty
But they never told her daddy
What their love was all about
She could tell her lover that he thought but
She never was the type to let it out
Whats it all about?
I never give you my pillow
I only send you my invitations
And in the middle of the celebrations
I break down

Want a love to last forever
One that will never fade away
I want to help you with your problem
Stick around, I say

Coming up, coming up, yeah
Coming up like a flower
Coming up, I say

You want a friend you- can rely on
One who will never fade away
And if youre searching for an answer
Stick around. I say

You want some peace and understanding
So everybody can be free
I know that we can get together
We can make it, stick with me

I feel it in my bones

You want a better kind of future
One that everyone can share
Youre not alone, we all could use it
Stick around were nearly there
We all know that people are the same where ever we go
There is good and bad in evryone,
We learn to live, we learn to give
Each other what we need to survive together alive.
I can almost remember their funny faces
That time you told me that you were going to be marrying soon.
And jet, I thought the only lonely place was on the moon?
Jet was your father as bold as a sergeant major?
How come he told you that you were hardly old enough yet?
Ah, matter, want jet to always love me?
Ah, matter, much later.
with the wind in your hair of a thousand laces.
Climb on the back and well
Go for a ride in the sky.

You gave me something, I understand,
You gave me loving in the palm of my hand
I cant tell you how I feel
My heart is like a wheel
Let me roll it to you
I want to tell you
And nows the time
I want to tell you that
Youre going to be mine

Any time, any day you can hear the people say that love is blind
Well, I dont know but I say love is kind

Soldier boy kisses girl – Leaves behind a tragic world
But he wont mind, hes in love. . .and he says love is fine

Oh — yes, indeed we know that people will find a way to go
No matter what the man said and love is fine for all we know.
For all we know, our love will grow – thats what the man said.
So wont you listen to what the man said? The wonder of it all. . .

When you were young and your heart was an open book you used to say live and let live
But if this ever changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry
Say live and let die

Baby Im amazed at the way you love me all the timemaybe Im afraid of the way I love you?
Baby Im amazed at the way you pulled me out of time – hung me on a line
Maybe Im amazed at the way I really need you?

Baby Im a dam and maybe Im a lonely dam whos in the middle of something that she doesnt really understand? Babe Im a dam and maybe youre the only being who could ever help mebaby wont you help to me understand?

Baby Im amazed at the way youre with me all the time
Maybe Im afraid of the way I leave you?
Baby Im amazed at the way you help me sing my song – You right me when Im wrong
Maybe Im amazed at the way I really need you?

I can wait another day until I call you
You’ve only got my heart on a string and everything a flutter.
But another lonely night and another, and another might take forever!
We’ve only got each other to blame – Its all the same to me love cuz I know what I feel to be right – no more lonely nights – you’re my guiding light.

Day or night I’m always there
And I wont go away until you tell me so, no I’ll never go away

May I never miss the thrill of being near you.
And if it takes a couple of years to turn your tears to laughter I will do what I feel to be right.

I light a candle to our love In love our problems disappear
But all in all we soon discover that one and one is all we long to hear

With a little luck, we can help it out.
We can make this whole damn thing work out.
With a little love, we can lay it down. Cant you feel the town exploding?
There is no end to what we can do together.

The willow turns his back on inclement weather; And if he can do it, we can do it, just me and you, and a little luck, we can clear it up. We can bring it in for a landing,
With a little luck, we can turn it on. There can be no misunderstanding.

With a little push, we could set it off. We can send it rocketing skywards.
With a little love, we could shake it up. Don’t you feel the comet exploding?

2 April 2006

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