Vertical Horizons

And she keeps on eating…and eating…and eating…and feeling poorly about herself…and then she realizes she is getting fat because she hasn’t been exercising…instead, she’s been eating…and sleeping…fucking…and occasionally masturbating when she’s bored and doesn’t want to focus on her immediate problems.  When she comes home, which is infrequent, she seems to spend all her time cleaning…mostly dishes, but sometimes washing or folding laundry.  She washes her skin and hair, exfoliates her ankles and feet, and removes the hair from her body with an epilator in order to feel smooth and attractive, worthy of affection.

The man who is investing in her heart is affectionate and tender toward her, and accepts her own shows of affection with general ease.  Declarations of Love and devotion flow freely and there is an air of mutual consideration and tenderness about their time together.  It is pleasant, sure, but there is also something else missing from the equation: career-related productivity for both parties and the elusive female orgasm.  They share sexual connections every day, yes, but the

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