Martial Arts Practice

Today I resumed my practice of T’ai Chi Chuan.  I hadn’t realized how much it was needed for me; my emotional/mental health.  It had seemed all well and good to imagine myself being disciplined enough to stretch and practice on my own, but this is not my current reality.  In a perfect healthy mind place, I would be able to make time for myself.  Now is not that time tho.

The sense of peace and spiritual movement I experienced from moving in unison and solidarity with other living beings can only be attributed to unity and purity of intention.  This must be akin to the peace that comes from focused group meditation.  One day, I’d like to experience this as well.  For now, I will revel in the peace that comes from movement.

Not only does my visible body flow in a tranquil way through the air as I imagine it to be water, but the blood in my veins is transported gently to the very tips of my toes and fingers. I can physically feel the pumping pulse of every single heart beat.  I love the warm tingly feeling of fresh, healthy blood ebbing into my skin and then again flowing back again, like an ocean.  I very much appreciate the chance to gather in calm with a group of human beings even just to engage in intentional breathing.  This is something I often forget to practice.

17 June 2013

Today I resumed my practice of Tae Kwon Do.

06 January 2015

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